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12-04-2012, 03:44 PM
Originally Posted by pantsmaster916 View Post
Do you have even the first clue how hopelessly entitled this sounds?

"I want the cool present that can be earned for free by playing the game, but I don't wanna actually have to PLAY the game to get it!"

As somebody else mentioned earlier in this thread, if you don't have Money or Time in abundance, you are not an MMO's target audience.

I think it's pretty obvious that this Winter Event is an effort to get people online and playing, instead of Cryptic's usual apparent tactic of getting people online and shopping. I think it's a refreshing change of pace, and I hope this little experiment works out for them so that we can see more similarly-motivated events in the future.
Did you know that I'm on every day, have 4 level 50 toons, 5 more at various levels plus I have acquired multiple copies of all lockbox ships from farming dilithium and EC? No, of course not. You assume you know me well enough to think I have a sense of entitlement from one of my posts and feel it necessary to cast judgement. You don't know me and I can assure you you never will.

PWE doesn't need to encourage me to spend time in game as I already do. Me wanting a ship to be tradeable due to spending time with the family during the holidays (hardly abnormal behaviour) is a rational and reasonable request.