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12-04-2012, 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
A Dual Beam Bank Overload III can Crit well beyond 50K+ fully buffed. A standard Dual Beam Bank Overload III deals 21K base damage (no buffs), at the very least stripping shields. Combine that with a quantum torpedo high yield III for an extra 21K+ and you will deal at least 42K (DHC not taken into account). Fully buffed in an Alpha strike, it is possible oneshot unsuspecting cruisers with BO III/THY III.
Here's my problem with this:
1) If you miss with the BO3 DBB, all you have to show for it is -50 weapon power, which also lowers the rest of your energy weapon's damage.
2) It's not uncommon for torps to bounce off a shield if someone is paying attention to their shields or if someone heals them. A good portion of your torpedo damage is going to get absorbed by the shield if this happens.

It's not a bad idea to want to try something different. Just don't expect to be as affective as those who go with an all-cannon build.