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12-04-2012, 05:10 PM
Few of things:
- Why doesn't the bug submission system work so that we can actually associate bugs with previously reported ones? I also flagged this; there is some anomaly that has allowed someone to actually put ONE Andorian boff towards this project in our fleet. I'm sure your system is flooded with duplicate tickets/bug reports because you have a poor TT system - tried eForge?

- It took 7 days for a lifetime subscriber (me) to get a response to a simple inventory issue, despite being promoted as receiving priority attention when signing up for a lifetime subscription. I'm generally happy with how it plays, but might be some bias from the Trekkie in me. What would make me happier is seeing a more communicative CM and Dev team.

- I'm sure Dura's ban had something else behind it, I'd be surprised if it were just from this post. That being said, your CM staff should be more participative in clarifying things to the community. F2P title or otherwise, I'm sure your revenue stream is substantial enough to ensure that those of us who do pump $ into this game can be left with a warm fuzzy feeling that our money is supporting something. Because I'm not seeing any prioritisation in resolution of gameplay affecting issues, such as this boff bug. A strong participative CM team can earn money to fund itself by encouraging players to stick to playing a title, or even increase the player base. Leaving people in the dark like this gives the impression that you just don't care enough about the community. Arbitrarily banning people without a statement from the CM is sending the wrong message.