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Originally Posted by paxottoman View Post
sorry pax but i dont understand your spec. why are you specing wep power? just put 2 beams in the back with mines or use 2 mines 1 beam. you get free subsystem target on that thing. and you dont even need wep power. and with full maco the 3 pt is very nice. a 7.1 disable. only shields stay up. psw for extends or to just hit people and unload on them.

maybe you know something i dont but that spec is just way too odd for my tast.

also a tact only needs 3 points into wep power levels. tho i swear 6 makes dhc recharge faster. could just be visual. but a sci only needs 3 points into aux as well. i tested this on tribble. 3 points was the same as 6 points. but the ship i tested was +15 to aux. but my bug is +10 wep power yet with 3 points in wep power i still hit the 125 wep power mark. i still do dps just as well as if i did 6 points. so just test 3 points in aux with this new ship. it will save you some points.

btw i did spec for a disbale type build. thats why 3 pt maco with psw and vm3. tss3 sci team 2.

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