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12-04-2012, 05:19 PM
It would be best to grab a damage parser and use that to gauge your damage. But, looking at the scorecard at the end of the match is also helpful in giving you a bigger picture.

A ship can have a low damage output according to the parser and the scorecard, but you could have a high kill count.

That means you either just helped someone else kill a target and didn't do that much damage, or you killed them faster than they could be healed.

If you have a high scorecard damage or high overall damage from the parser, but your kill count on the scorecard is low, it means you dished out a lot of damage, but lacked the power to finish off your target.

Damage on the scorecard is determined by damage to the hull, not shields. The parser will tell you the damage to the shields and hull. But, the parser doesn't keep track of the number of kills you had (not from the one I use, anyways).

So, look at them both and determine your effectiveness.

For instance, there is a certain infamous PvPer that likes to brag about how much damage he does in the Arenas with his Sci ship, but if you look at his kill count it is usually very low. Most likely, he was using DEM to increase his hull damage, but he did not have the capability to actually kill very many targets.