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Originally Posted by kagurazaka77 View Post
They do give us a few nice things. For instance, on DS9, you can see the wormhole opening and closing out the windows every now and then.
But that is very small scale, the wormhole is on the same map as the station interior, just outside the wall.
There exists a space outside the bridge, that is the reason you can see parts of your ship's hull on the Odyssey bridge for example.
But you can't move them through the space, because they are fixed geometry ,unfortunately, same as all those suspended asteroids and planet rings.
It would theoretically be possible to code the bridge as giant mounts in space, but then you couldn't just have the bridges, as that would look very strange, you'd have to build the entire HUUUUGE ships around them and make the space at least 10 times bigger to move around them convincingly.
I don't think that is possible for a long time.