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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Due to the fact that an AI advanced enough to do more than amuse me doesn't exist yet? Yes.
Well I play this and then I play FF7 and the FF7 enemies are so much better, that game was released on the playstation 1 in 1998... Using if statements the I (a complete programming noob) could write.

If a game that is 14 years old with with several times less powerful systems in mind presents a greater challenge than one made today with today's computers in mind... that kinda says something don't you think?

FF7 enemy coding consists of:
Max HP
Max MP
IF AND Statements

That's literally it for example:
IF HP <= 50% AND MP <= 100 use X skill
else IF...

it's that easy... why can't Cryptic do that?
It's fun? We'll just nerf that.