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Sub-space message:
Eleftheria S###########, aka The Shrike

COMM ID: The Shrike
ACCESS ID: 118032b-PO
LOCATION: Star-base 173, Delta Doradus sector


At 0800 hours yesterday, I was contracted, by Task Force Delta, to transport forty scientists, and their classified work, from Deep Space 6 to Zeta Volantis to Star-base 173.
Apparently, the documents were more sensitive than I was told. The problem did not begin until the Talvath system, where the route was mined from Talvath to Alpha Volantis, at the edge of Romulan territory.
Four unidentified craft engaged without warning and breached my hull before I was able to respond. Luckily my gunner was able to keep the fighters at bay as I plotted coordinates through the mine field. My cruise engines engaged, and we were on our way, but a nova torpedo had already locked on, slamming into the port engine, causing severe damage to the reactor core. I managed to put some good distance between us and made it to the edge of the sector, when another explosion rocked the ship as I was going into gray mode. When we arrived in Federation space, I could only proceed on impulse power, my cruise engines were gone and my thruster was inoperable.
Surprisingly, I encountered no Zakdorn between those two destinations, and my ship was able to limp into port. Luckily, no scientist was killed, and their research was still intact, but I did lose my chief engineer and three other crew members when the port engine exploded.
I am now docked at Star-base 173, and expect to be here for the next few weeks while my ship is being repaired. Luckily, there is no shortage of Shire parts here and the mechanics know this ship well, so it should not be long before I'm underway again.

These attacking ships were rather strange, jet black with one red stripe running the length of the ship, no running lights and a design similar to that of the Nepthys. I've never encountered a craft like that and I'm certain that the attack was not against me, but rather the scientists - and whatever it was they were carrying - but I needed to warn you just the same.
It is imperative that all of us use Epsilon escort when transporting human cargo - especially when classified documents are involved... I anticipate more problems in the future.

That is all for now.

-Shrike out.



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