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12-04-2012, 08:37 PM
Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
Oh, like you needed these ridiculous toys to beat the nanoprobes out of Borg or w/e other pathetic NPCs you're fighting?

If you honestly need things like the Danube ultra-tractoring. . .you're doing something waaay wrong.
Need, no. Want, yes. After running through those missions too many times to count, I'm bored of playing fair. I want the option to play as Admiral Chuck Norris using W-Summoned Knights Of The Round wielding BFG-9000s buffed with Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start. This is supposed to be fun, not tedium. Something makes the game too easy for you, don't use it, but the option for 'screw around like a looney' mode should exist just as much as 'ultra-hard master snob' mode. Instead, every time something comes along that lets me stop playing as serious and just mess around with a little silly in my ships. The One True Build is freaking boring. But instead, every time we get a toy that lets us go a little nuts, whether a PSW3 that can blow stuff up like a Michael Bay movie or the current amusement of tricobalt bombing (which I'm expecting a nerf any patch now), the PVP crew takes a break from their regular condescension (as demonstrated here) and complains about fairness and balance and takes the toys away. Or in this case even more annoying, because I dropped 288,000 dil on a ship for the specific purpose of being OP. Not everyone plays wanting edge-of-the-seat struggles that push you to the edge of your abilities. Some of us just want the Star Trek equivalent of The Expendables, and are getting tired of Stop Having Fun Guys wrecking it.