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Why? FFS.

There is only ONE Vault Shuttle event and we can only do it about twice during the 1 hour event for extra Romulan Marks.

Why is there still a timer on this? It's still hard to get past that second room and actually COMPLETE the mission. After failing I have to sit there and wait to enter it again, in which case there won't be enough time to complete it, if we can actually succeed, before the 1 hour event for extra Romulan Marks is over. It's completely pointless.

It specifically states that you have to use a shuttle or fighter for the 1 hour event.

Proof there is a cooldown timer. Edit: You can see the amount of time I have to wait to enter and the clock on the mini map in the top right of the screen. Once the cooldown is over there would be 3 minutes before the 1 hour event for extra marks is over and it would probably take that long just to get into the mission, and a lot more than 3 minutes to complete it, if we actually can. I did the event once and entered about 7 minutes after it had started at 8:00pm.

There is only ONE mission in the PVE queue that requires a shuttle or other small craft and that is the Vault Shuttle event.

Either remove the cooldown timer during the 1 hour event, or just remove the event from the rotation completely. There already is a 1 hour event for extra Romulan/Omega marks and that would cover the other PVE queues that reward Romulan marks. So even having this 1 specific event for an hour is completely pointless and stupid.
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