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12-04-2012, 09:47 PM
Small fleets are NOT supposed to be flying threw projects. This was by design and stated in multiple Q&A's before the launch of season 6. The problem with the small fleets and i had the same issue in my head was that we are trying to keep pace with the big boys. The starbases were not designed that way. A solid group of 50 active players dedicated towards starbase construction was supposed to average 7 months till tier 5. Smaller fleets were supposed to average a YEAR AND A HALF to TWO YEARS to hit tier 5. This was again by design stated by cryptic devs and DStahl. This information has been blatantly out there. Small fleets need to CALM DOWN and STOP trying to keep pace with the big boys out there. We are not supposed to be able to keep up with them. If you are a fleet of 3-5 players, you are not really a fleet.. Your a squad. Blatant truth. Fleets are large groups of people. Sorry if this stings a little. Cryptic has been changing requirements and drop rates to keep with this time frame for fleets. You read the changes in the patch notes as they come out. Alot of us smaller fleets are way above schedule. I know some small fleets unwrapping the shiny tier 4 starbases. Same pace as the big boys. It's called dedication and HARD WORK I know the work thing is a bad thing to state in games, but if all games were simple, quick and easy alot of us would be looking for a challenge somewhere else.
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