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12-04-2012, 10:33 PM
Since the shield emitter amps are percent based off the regeneration of your shield you aren't getting much off those paratrinics.

You could go with a covariant and get much better regeneration without much loss in cap.

You could also go resilient and swap in a field emitter to boost both cap and regeneration.

At least untill you can get one of the stf shields.

Also why 3 eps consoles? And beam overload 1 is rather weak you may be better off with another cannon instead of the beam for over all dps or using a sub system targeting attack. A quantum torpedo will do about the same damage as a BO1 attack and do it much more frequently once shields are down without costing you any weapons power so chances are you will do more overall damage anyway.

Just a thought. Fun is always more important.
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