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Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
so let me ask you a question. are you still running 1 point in wep power? if so what do you drop down too? also how long does it take to recharge your dhc? might be a bit visual on my side but i feel i drop 5 points lower in wep power and takes like 3 secs longer to recharge wep power with just 3 points. at 6 points i dont drop as low ( 5 points lol, example is i drop to 60 in wep power and with 6 points i drop down to 65) so if you can understand what im asking here, might just spec just 1 point into wep power. kinda hard to get fleet mates over to tribble at times.
i feel old school saying this, but i still run an EPS on most ships. i change power focuses like a madman.

and i chose the warp theorist? maybe... as a trait on Damian, my main toon, which i believe gives a bonus power xfer? and levels?

i find that my weapons power is back up whenever i need it for CRF. so much so that i decided to run a overload 2 on a rear array, because i was always back up when i needed it.

i drop to... say...80 or so, and its back up to 125 within 2 secs on CRF runs. if i swing around to drop the overload, it takes maybe 3 secs to get back there.

it works for my playstyle, and with recent crit chance bonuses though reputation and consoles... i really like that spike out the aft. i have boffs trained ready to go with FAW2, target AUX 2, and Target engines 2 so on and so on... so i can be more versatile when needed.

run what works for your playstyle, maxing stats though speccing and consoles is one thing.... but the boff ability tray should be your open field for experimentation based on your personal piloting style.

have fun kill bad guys