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12-04-2012, 11:03 PM
the build I listed here has undergone a few changes.... I replaced a few consoles, got rid of the Cutting Beam and Assimilated Console, put a Tac officer in the LCMDR Uni slot (gotta get the most burst I can get outta those cannons) and put VMIII, TSS III, ST II, and PH1 on my CMDR SCI

I will see how this turns out... might be dropping wither the Grav Pulse Generator or the Subspace Jump Console for something else more useful...

really need to get better armor or a better RCS though....

when I can get a clean connection I plan to test my little frankenstien monster (will prolly fail "miserably")

with any luck it will be an improvement and be even MORE annoying

I did name it the Wasp for a reason.....
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