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12-05-2012, 12:23 AM
The groups of players in this game are only called "Fleets" because we have a spaceship theme going on here.
In gaming terms we are a Guild. where does it say you need a minimum number beyond 2-3 players to constitute a Guild.
Ok, call it 5 players, minimum number to start one.

A guild is a varying number group of players who joined roster to make it easier to coordinate their mutual interests and activities.
Sometimes because they are friends from real life or the game, sometimes for similar larger picture goals (like the starbase, or rather the exclusive benefits of the guild housing).

If you take the Fleet out of the Guild, having a high number of at least 50 members, starts sounding a bit less reasonable.

It invalidates all the other reasons a bit, because if you are still a small but merry band of friends, you are locked out of the number one endgame achievement for a long time.

If you give in and join a mega fleet, where you are a faceless number and expendable, the guild becomes it's own purpose and you start to "work" for the guild to get a shiney every now and then.
With the current system, Cryptic has not created Guild fleets, they have created Corporate fleets.
Lived Capitalism.

It makes sense, because the whole purpose behind the starbases was to monetize them, so it's kind of natural, that the starbases became Cryptic subsidiaries.