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12-05-2012, 12:02 AM
This has nothing to do with the foundry missions or anything. But ever since the season 7 patch came I have had problems with the PVE Queues. What I mean is most of the time I CANNOT PLAY THEM!!! The game crashes whenever I either click on one or as soon as I bring the Queue up. I think I have maybe played half a dozen of them since the new season started and it's getting quite old. I have filled out tickets and heard no reply. Every time it crashes, I fill out that stupid little box asking me what I was doing at the time of the crash. I have had people tell me it's my system and it's not. I can play every other part of the game with the exception of the PVE Queues. So there has to be something wrong and I'm telling you right now it's not on my end. So please find out what the problem is, I have talked to a few other people who said they are having the same problem and they can't seem to get any help either. I love the game and I have put in an insane amount time and energy and yes money to make the best characters I can.

Thank you, tdagw65