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12-05-2012, 12:15 AM
Regardless of how you wish to deem yourself fleets/guilds both are still gaming terms. The fleets are all going ahead of the deemed schedules. People need to stop complaining and be happy. But being a game forum i know that will not occur. Small fleets are way ahead of the time frames curve and should be happy for that. Not complaining for more. Hell only thing that slowed my fleets to a crawl was that bartender assignment... Dropped 120 mil on that idiot only for it to get made rediculously easy recently. Tier requirements got slashed also majorly. Doffs are back to being cheap on the market and fleet mark boosters added, fleet doffs as well now. I have over 3 mil donation on my fed fleet and slightly overr 2 mil on my kdf being the main pushr of our small fleet. I wish we had these requirments when fleets first dropped.i would be well into tier 4! Do your doff assignments use the cxp person on the base. Do the flark events properly hell hit nakura and defra up with the hard missions daily get good quick flarks out of it, use the events to your benefit. It's not rocket science to keep tabs moving. Nor does being in large fleets just make you a number.whether you are building tabs in a large fleet or a small fleet you are still working to get it done. Only you yourself make you a unseen member. If you stand out then you are not just a drone. Just like in real life, you make or break your success and your visibilty.
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