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Ironically, it's very much those "minor improvements" which would make the game a whole lot better. It's not another lockbox ship, it's not another "squish the bugs" minigame or another enemy to fight.

Star Trek is actually a very minimalistic setting, just look at how it all started. It's not that it has to be a huge, bombastic effect but it's the minor details that make the game feel "right". The best Trek games were the point and click adventures back in the 90s and those used 2D handmade animations. Some of the best games of all times are open-ended games like "Pirates!" or "Mount and Blade" which offer a better feel of exploration and advacnement than a game called Star Trek Online which is about a franchise which was dedicated to the idea of EXPLORING the unknown. And those games, again, offer not as much on the large scale but a million small details which make them feel "cozy".
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