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12-05-2012, 02:13 AM
PuG-ing KASE last night. For some unknown reason, I didn't check the teammates before I went to the tactical cube at the start (just one of those days I guess - I didn't check them in all 3 STFs I did). We kill the cube. I go right (as usual) and start doing the routine probes+cube+transformer. A teammate went for the other transformer. Someone died...and another one after that. I turn to the left and I see no cubes invoked yet. I'm done with my cube and am taking-out the probes - the teammate on my side is dead and the cube is full-impulsing to the center of the map. I take it out (it was at about 65%)...and headed over to the transformer...drop it down to 50% until the next wave of probes and then I went to clean this moment, I noticed that 3 teammates are dead and there are 2 cubes lurking to the left. Full impulse diagonally to one of them...then back for the next pair of probes. After that I did my transformer...a little after that the other teammate did his on our side. I turn left again - both transformers are sitting proudly and staring at me....full impulse to one of them - it was at 25% - quick burst and it's down. Went back to work on the probes and the gate. The team-mate with me went to the other side to help. I was trying really hard not to blow the gate before they're done a significant damage to theirs. At around 30% of the gate, one of the dying trio came to "help". At this point I activated "photonic fleet" and went left. I saw 4 probes warping out of the gate I left and I thought - "I'll go check on them after 20 seconds - just in case, despite that there is a teammate there who should take care of them". I took out the probes on the left, and about to start punishing the gate...but after 10 seconds spheres warp-out....OK - that means that there are probes still heading to the portal on the right. - Full impulse to catch-up with them. I went back and at that time the gate was at around 50% - I decide to go all out and move within 2 km. of the gate. After that everything went more or less without a trouble. The strangest thing was that all 4 of the teammates were TAC Captains.....and they died a lot....and one of them was in Exploration Cruiser.

Sometimes I really want to go out with my fleet recon or star cruiser, but these days there are too many non-elite players in the elite STFs, and that would make it a huge waste of time. That's why I prefer to be prepared to deal with 4 probes and a gate within the time limit than having fun flying around and doing nothing.

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