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12-05-2012, 01:35 AM
Adding 50 marks to the officer of the watch is like putting a bandage on the blood gushing stump where an are of a leg just got ripped off.

Fact is Cryptic said small fleets while somewhat slower would still be able to advance and why that has never been completely true, they said the fleet system was going to be designed around the average 20 person fleet. Maybe more like 200 person, and now with all the season 7 changes kiss all that goodbye.

simple solution: once a fleetbase hits full tier 2 a fleet has the opportunity to "surrender" their fleetbase for a smaller more utilitarian ground base with very little customization options. The projects would then be the tier 3,4,5 shipyard, comm array, replicator projects and then the main tier upgrade ones, but at smaller fleet restrictions. restrict this option to 50 unique fleet members, and it cannot be undone.

I've already been working on a design proposal for the ground base.