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Originally Posted by pigeonofclay View Post
Perhaps they should do away with fleets altogether.

In the words of Khan Noonan Singh: "We are one big, happy fleet!".

Combine all fleets into "Star Fleet" and have done with them. Then every member can contribute to adding stuff to existing Starbases and have their ships built at Mars.

Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Hey darius, could I ask you to post in slightly more readable fashion? I mean those massive blocks of text are usually full of goodness that I agree with, but I have trouble keeping my place sometimes... so could I ask for a little separation? kthx

Anyways, in response to this, yeah, small fleets are getting a little shafted, but guess what, fleets were not supposed to be small. The devs even said that the starbase system was designed for fleets of 25 or more members. So yeah, if you have fewer than 25 active members, you're gonna suffer a little.

Sorry dude, not on a pc at the moment. It's hard enough as it is getting these damn walls of text out on my nexus 7 lol. These things were not developed for 6'8" people sadly. Normally i try to edit my walls of txt after writing,but on here its a *****
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