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12-05-2012, 01:46 AM
Fleets are a component of the game, and a financial one for Cryptic. This is a good thing. Players who are part of Guilds, Clans, or in the case of STO 'Fleets' are 40% more likely to spend and stay longer. End of story.

And if fleet marks are your problem, you sir have no idea: wait till you get to Tier Three.

Starbases were never intended to be quick projects that 3 determined players could build on their own. STO was clear on that from the beginning. it. As you developed from 0 to 1, and then started 1 to 2... you could easily see the growth in costs. Math is Hard.

Fleet bases were intended to be long development projects for large groups. For most, it will be 16 months to get to Tier 4. A few are there now, and will cap out their fleet bases. Some even sell access to hard to get ships.

Throughout the process of building a Starbase, you fleet will have ups and downs. New distractions & dilithium sink-holes (reputation?) will appear and your build process will slow. My fleet is no different, we're stuck shy of Tier 3 mostly due to dilithium. It has forced us to be more organized, develop better internal policies and promote players from within.

The reality is that this process should STAY THE SAME. Small fleets will fold. You can carry fleet marks with you to new fleets. No you won't be 'Grand Pooh-Bah of Asteroid 393' any more, but you will contribute to a growing fleet.