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12-05-2012, 03:12 AM
Biggest problem is with how the system is. Instead of just having it setup for the lucky 5 who get in and either botch it or win it, make it for a time period available. For examplenred alert triggers all players have 5 mins to get into the maps, keep it as is with groups of 5. After the 5 minutes the alert disappers leaving the groups that got into it still doing it. Bit it no longer showing. This way people dont fly into them long after just one group finished it. I have hopped into a redalert 10 minutes AFTER the group i was with finished it. Got out of a mission seen it up and thought another one spawned. If they have the flag show for a set time and then disappear its like a true red alert. Get there before your enemy completes its objective and leaves. This also grants more players the ability to win it, and does not leaveus going into a red alert long after some pugs failed or completed it.
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