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Originally Posted by snipe048 View Post
Even so, that doesn't help with ANY of the other requirements for fleet progression, such as dil, doff's, commodities, etc.. but for those of us with lives outside of the game and don't have time to grind fleet events, could still get the marks.
Mmos are built for people who play the games. If you want something that advances while you deal with real life, get an eve or perpetuum account. Games are developed around a player base with no real lives. Hell even those of us with real lives work with what we got. I am on xmpp for my fleet members and doing the forums while at work currently. If your going to do something do it t, and not half-assed is how i was raised. People are known as fleet leaders for a reason. If you are going to take charge of something you take charge of it, if not then give it to someone who can.
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