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Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post
You see, there are a few points in that post i'd like to flag up.

I've had numerous problems with NOVA members, and its always about what I fly. I fly a BUG, i saved the Energy Credits up and bought one out of the Exchange. And yet, every time i queue for Cap'n Hold, the same Nova member spots me and swears blind in Zone Chat i'm in an "exploit ship", that i suck, that i wouldnt stand two moments in anything else etc etc etc. I never had any problems in a Defiant. But all of a sudden i was being berated by him and then any other Nova in the game. And then the next and then the next, the only redeeming quality of always being singled out is how bad they are, makes winning the points all the easier.

Feel free to mail me in game with who was harrassing you. I cannot control what happened when I was not an admiral of the fleet. But I am now. And it will not be tolerated.

Of course at the start i took it seriously, i actively tried to find Nova senior members to find out if i'd caused some offence, apon telling YOU i was insulted and /ignored. After that i just shrugged and realised that the only times i'd seen your members was when they were trying to bully individuals or berating them. The exceptio being Kid D who i see in the queues all the time.

You never contacted me about anything because only as of last week have I returned as an Admiral. And if you contacted me when I was not an admiral I would've told you to speak with Afterburner about the issue. And I purposefully do not have anyone on my ignore list. So clearly you must be mistaking me for another member of my fleet. If we can talk I will look into the matter.

I'm a Fleet Leader myself, and i would want to know if any of my fleetmates were harassing people. I guess theres a place we differ.

I share in your interest. Which is why I added the note at the bottom of my post. I would also say its why Mai Kai and Hilbert and Zorena responded to the post made by Devoras. We all want whats best for the community. I'm here right now putting forth an effort just like you and the other great players in this game.

Of course these days i just laugh, i like the idea that certain individuals see me when i queue and will clak and wait for me and strive so hard. Its amusing.

When the topic of questionable premades that spam a certain skill come up, you guys are always mentioned soon after. There's never smoke without fire.

So Nova Core has a questionable premade? No. We don't have a premade. When I think premade I think Aytanhi, Hammel, Era, Mew, Hilbert. I think of the original 7th Core members for those that remember them. Max, Eric Carter, Chako'te, Skye, Kek, Ellie. Or Qew. Kharns, Goose, Jorf....etc. All of whom I consider to be my personal PvP heroes. Nova Core does not have a premade. We have not for some time. But soon we will. And I will have 5 names to add to those I've already listed. And I assure you when we have our premade that we will be fully capable of entering any future tournament and happily adhering to tournament rules should the rules restrict the use of whatever console, ship, etc. But the public queues are "public" for a reason. I'm sorry if you cannot understand this.

If you want to have clean hands, try cleaning your house.
Cleaning our house is exactly what we are doing. Select members of the fleet have been removed while others remain in the fleet but have been demoted for the appropriate reasons. I assure you we are "cleaning our house". There are some things I could say about your guild. But I know how to be respectful and I know you dont represent the bad apples in your fleet as well. I hope we can work together to help this pvp community going forward my friend.

Let no other player discourage you from what you believe you can achieve in PvP. Though you may walk alone through looming shadows of doubt cast upon you by your enemies. Forge your heart with iron casting its shape out of only your pure will to push forward. You will not be denied eventually.

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