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12-05-2012, 03:17 AM
Bah, never mind - I don't care anymore.

edit: It comes down to do we want PvP to grow? If we chase everybody away, how can it grow?

Say I've had a bad day, I'm there in PUGland - there's some new folks PvPing for the first time. They're doing the herd thing - I hit them with Graviton, throw out the full Aux'd GW, Sensor Scan them, as they get closer to each's the DOFF'd VM, Iso Charge, and a spread of Chrons. Somebody looks like they're going to get away - well, Subnuke them - hit them with Tachyon and a shield stripping Tractor - while a DEM'd PDS and DPB'd Trics are lost in the visual spam as the additional GWs pop have me forgetting about my bad day.

Sure, against a team - I'll be sitting there looking at the respawn button and wondering if I should go watch TV, have a couple of beers, and take a nap... against those first timers though - well, yeah...
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