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12-05-2012, 04:22 AM
Yea I liked it, did it a few days ago on both toons that I have the rep system going on. It's the first one of the lot that I actually really wanted to run a second time too. It's the first one that REALLY gave you the feeling of looking into the mystery plot of New Romulus.

As far as the boss battlle at the end (if you can call it that), as somebody that is very avid at ground in STO, I found it a reasonable battle for a solo mission. Not one of the hardest by far, but it was action enough to definitely be fun. Only issue I had was I think the next-to-the-last bit of tholians if you respawn, it respawns you on the far side of the encounter, instead of moving you back a few feet (it respanws you to what equates to behing BEHIND the Tholians, instead of in front of them).

And I did like the little nugget of story at the end, I just hope Tiers IV and V start to either combine or explain the double-story that seems to be going on here.

Overall the Romulan rep missions have been good for me, this by far being the best I think, and is nice we are being treated to an equivical "Mini-FE" series.