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Hi. It's nice to see all of you again. I was going to respond to the post made by Devoras but I felt I should make a completely seperate post all together. As he stirred up over 10 pages of responses.

I am most widely known as Captain Tripwire or Captain Glitch. Most recently I fly around as Captain Shift. I left the game when 7th Core became Nova Core but I am back now as one of 5 acting admirals for the fleet. Maybe some of you might disagree but I just feel at this point with the new grinds in place if you don't play and by some chance pvp is saved next year then it will be hard to catch up with where pvp will be once players have maxed out their fleet starbases and reputation systems.

In any case in the TSI thread by Devoras there was alot of talk about pay-to-win and "cheese" and what was cheese and is cheese etc. Sometimes there is also alot of talk about how cheesy Nova Core is or TSI or S.O.B. etc. and I feel the community really doesn't seem to be seeing the picture at large here.

Firstly, if you have a console on your ship. ONE console. YOU are pay-to-win. It is irrelevant if it is ablative or cloak on the defiant. It is a console that you payed for by buying a ship off of the c-store or zen-store or lobi-store, or lock box. Running one kind of console over another kind of console.... or one less console than the next captain or the fact that one guy can spam his console but you can't DOES NOT make you any better than anyone else with a console on their ship.

Secondly, the excuses made by any player to run whats broken to make the devs listen is absolutely ignorant. I agree with what some others have already said. And that is the only good to come out of this philosophy is driving more players out of pvp. And that price is too high given the circumstances of pvp in STO for the past three years to pay for getting the dev team to "listen". After all it is not their deaf ears that is the cause of pvp being the way it is. It is their lack of action towards any real solution to fix all of this that has lead us where we are right now. Cryptic has admitted to this. And what good is this kind of thinking if there aren't enough or even worse no players left to queue up once the problem has been corrected?

Thirdly there is a lot of slamming this fleet or that fleet going around. I will tell you from experience that TSI, and other very recognizable fleets have used faw with 100% accuracy, mines with ridiculous replication rates, point defense, torpedo spread or whatever was broken when it was "broken" or not working as intended since I have been playing. Maybe not their entire fleet, maybe not their entire fleet at the same time but certainly they have. But I know how good TSI is as a fleet as well as a pvp premade team. I like their players. I like their fleet. I consider the members that know me my friends. And I will tell you they have always had grade A players capable of beating other fleets without whatever the community deems is "cheese" or anything associated with the stinky stuff in the game. They have taught me alot. They continue to do so.

I say all this because what I don't think many (not all) in this community seem to understand is that we are fighting each other. It is not our fault things are not as balanced as we would like them to be. It is not our fault that Cryptic seems to care more about selling ships than making sure the ships they sell are slightly overpowered for pvE but BALANCED for pvp. I don't think whatever dev said that OP ships were fun was incorrect when it comes to players fighting npc's. But if that dev thinks for a second its fun when fighting other players..... well I don't think they should have their job right now.

I am not going to slam anyone for running what they want. And I am certainly not going to blame a ship or a console on me being blown up or my team losing in pvp. I agree with Mai Kai and I stand with him when it comes to members in Nova Core using consoles. Who am I or Mai Kai or YOU to tell someone who spent their hard earned money on a ship or a console not to use it? If we are talking tournaments then it is understood to be the exception to the rule. Tournament rules are in place to keep them fun and competetive without an unfair advantage for one side or the other. But in the public queue? It is not our fault that cryptic doesn't make a tournament queue for premade teams or add autobalancing to their public queues so pugs don't get rolled by premades all day driving them away from what makes pvp so awesome.

So with all that said I would appreciate it if we stop attacking each other. I don't appreciate my fleet being spoken so ill of when I don't speak ill of other fleets. This last comment is specifically directed at BROKEN from Risa Squadron who has no respect for anyone and who seems to find every oppurtunity to put down my players and my fleet. I assure you Broken, NONE of my characters needs a console to rip your best ship in half. I don't like seeing my friends in TSI being bashed on when they have been a pillar of this community since I started playing. We need to all respect each other and the state that this game is currently in. We need to settle on the reality that it is what it is right now and exhibit good sportsmanship and make the best of it until it gets better. And we cannot forget that at the end of the day this is about the pew pew and the fact that it is fun. So pew pew in fun and not in malice.

More funsauce, Eat baddies.

-Captain Tripwire-

p.s. If anyone in Nova Core is out of line in a match or not being an upstanding member of this pvp community mail @u.s.s.bloodmage or any of the other 4 admirals in charge. We want the best for STO pvp. And we wish all the pvp fleets the best.
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i agree with you just because i buy this ship or that ship to get this counsel or that one I nor anyone else should be bashed. I belive that its your ship and you should be able to do with it how you so desire. As for the bashing on fleet members 99.9 percent of us are adults we should act like it and stop with the school yard garbage. Things were well said tripp and Sol team 77 stands behind you 100%. any question feel fee to email me

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