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12-05-2012, 05:33 AM
warp into an ISE pug, and right at the start, there is a guy with literally 50 (FIFTY!!!!!1111!!1!1!) injuries in a patrol escort (dual beam boat). heres a picture if you dont believe me, no naming
he didnt get more, because he pulled no aggro at all (really, the combatlog indicates he didnt die, AND he hadnt applied ANY heals to his ship)

there is a raptor, a star cruiser, and another vesta. we kill the cube fairly fast, then move to the transformer. injury guy ignores the cube goes for the generator. we kill the cube, I take a generator, and hope he wont blow his. my fear was unjustified, by the time I got to 10% he could work down his gen to 65% (though we had others at 80 too...). so I help in, we barely destroy the transformer.
at this point I see that the only help is the raptor, the rest are in beamboats (well, I think the Vesta was flying the base setup with transphasics, but I suspect with high aux power, so he wasnt any help either).

basically from that point I and the raptor suffer from the incoming dmg (so we die pretty much at the same time, which means basically no dps is applied while we are in respawn oblivion).
we suffer through the game, by the end I was the onlyone who healed his ship, even the raptor has two injuries, guess he ran out of repair kits. the star cruiser now at 7 or 8 injuries, and the vesta has 4 too.

in the end it took us 20 minutes to finish, and the star cruiser and injury guy didnt even jump the 1000 dps mark (well, they barely jumped 500 dps).