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12-05-2012, 04:38 AM
Some of this I agree with, and some I don't. I like the way they handled the STF store. tho Some of the cool downs do need to be reduced. I don't think I would See an Omega Force waiting to get handed his new rifle a few days or even a few hours when the quadrant needs saving. But now that everything is down to an Exact science for the most Part and not just dumb Luck, I do like. After the last change to Dilithium, I Love it. Sure we lost the Officer Reports, BUT I get more dilithium now per hour then ever Before. You just need to figure out how on your own. I am maxing my refinement Per toon quicker then ever which means less time for me having to spend on the game.

The Dilithium Requirements for Stuff out of the STF/ Romie Store Need Adjusting Mk X needs to be Cut, Mk XI needs to be cut, Honestly Leave MK XII Alone, End game gear should not be cheap. Specialty Consoles should not be cheap either. Also reduce the wait time for unlocking the stores. Counter that by Making it longer on Projects/upgrades if you have to, but getting an item there should not be a wait.
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