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12-05-2012, 04:41 AM
From all of this all I have actually managed to get point wise is that you are unhappy with having to pay with Dilithium for Reputation items and for upgrading Doffs.

You say that cryptic won't be out of pocket with reducing the amount of Dilithium to S6 levels, You do realise that the more people upgrade doffs for little to no cost, the less Duty Officer Packs they are likely to sell...

New players/toons shouldn't have the ability to have purple quality officers straight away, work your way through the Assignment Chains to get access to purple doffs and Officer exchange assignments where you can and will get officers with Resolve trait.

I believe the changes to the price to upgrade Doffs was because people were buying White doffs cheaply from the exchange or getting them using fleet credits from the starbase and upgrading the lot

You are not forced to buy Zen with your Dilithium, nor are you forced to spend your Dilithium on starbase projects or reputation items, if you think the costs are too high don't buy