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Originally Posted by xantris View Post
I'm actually in favor of helping small fleets, but you lost all credibility with this comment,

Your basically saying you want to get rewarded for doing squat. Sorry, that's pathetic. . Besides, you already can earn fleet marks for doing nothing but doff missions by converting CPX to marks.
You know what **** you, you don't know me so don't act like you do after reading one post.

Also I've never called someone a name on forum to make a point, and I'm pathetic. Go **** yourself.

I've personally sunk over 3 million Dilithium into my fleet while my fleet mates grinded the doffs, commodities, etc... and we all did the fleet mark events. But since Season 7 launched we don't have the time to grind Fleet mark events like we used to, in addition to all the new grindy events that have been added.

I'm not asking to be rewarded for doing nothing, i'm asking to take a little grind off the top of my Grind cake,

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