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12-05-2012, 05:53 AM
So with all that said I would appreciate it if we stop attacking each other. I don't appreciate my fleet being spoken so ill of when I don't speak ill of other fleets. This last comment is specifically directed at BROKEN from Risa Squadron who has no respect for anyone and who seems to find every oppurtunity to put down my players and my fleet. I assure you Broken, NONE of my characters needs a console to rip your best ship in half./[quote] if u think u can kill my ship pm me in game. 6your fleet and sob is the MOST nubbish fleet in game. and trip if you think you can take me then try it. your fleet is so bad you got tacts in escourts with sub nuke doffs. fully speced out gp consoles. really dude check yourself. i fly clean unlike ur lame fleet. since you want to call me out again bring it or or gtfu

side edit fleets i respect, turk rp heros, pandas, tsi even tho i hate when they use broken crap since they are better then that. lag fleet and a few others. reason? they run clean in ques.

nova core "hey lets use ams gp and sub nuke doffs like hard core nub pros."

nuff said dude. so anytime you want a 1v1 bring it. if u want me on a defiant then ask because im in a bug atm. and i do hope ur not going to bring p2w consoles either.

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