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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Bah, never mind - I don't care anymore.

edit: It comes down to do we want PvP to grow? If we chase everybody away, how can it grow?
You have a very valid point there. Something this forum hardly ever represents is the difference of how Vet treat each other, and how this comes across for newcomers.

Pre-made private matches, are hardly ever a problem, we agree on things, or don't and take it from there. However, we take these agreements into the queues, and start insulting players for using cheese, spam, P2W and whatnot, god forbid their poorly balanced toys can't safe em from loosing, we rub it in some more.

The problem is, that new players don't know or understand why certain things are frowned upon. Even worse, we have just taken the most rewarding experience of that new player (getting the lockbox ship, DoFF, Console...), and turned it into a ****storm. I feel this myself, i don't even wnat to tune my builds anymore simply because the minute some poor escort pilot can't survive a sci ships attack, the nerf cries are going to start.

"Danoobe Spam, paired with Tric mines and AMS spam, is fine, but Siphons are not." This doesn't make sense to a new player.

I think we are loosing a large number of new players interested in PvP, because of the hostility they will encounter for what simply appears the most efficient combo to them.

I mean we can hardly agree among ourselves what is permissible, and whose fleet said what when and how.

Just to be clear, there are borken combos, and the blame is and will always be with Cryptic. But since P2W the name calling between Vets, has gotten out of hand. If i wouldn't know you guys, and just be in the match reading zone chat, i doubt that i would have ever gotten into pvp. I can only imagine that new players have similar reactions.

Maybe on a side note, SVR will never police the PUG builds of its members.
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