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Originally Posted by bortjinx View Post
If by 'common decency' and 'self-respect' you mean 'Stick only to builds and tactics approved by the self-appointed PvP Masters' then, no, why should I? PvP is the competitive side to STO. Fun, yes, but competitive. So why not take advantage of what my ship can do and make my opponent's job that little bit harder?
No, I mean playing with integrity in the spirit of competition. It should be self evident why some of these console powers are frowned upon.

"Genuinely doing it wrong"? Rofl... It's a GAME!!! How do you do it 'genuinely wrong' if what you are doing is successful? And I'd say contributing to 19 out of 20 kills with over 700k damage dealt is pretty successful. Maybe I didn't get the killing blow, maybe I did. That isn't the point. PvP arenas are a team effort. I'll grant you that maybe my build could have been 'more right', but I think 'genuinely wrong' is a little harsh just because I don't follow standard conventions.
Very easily in a game with so much misinformation floating around, like STO

As it is, following some of the advice in this thread, I have swapped out some of my skills (including RSP), and have been trying to identify which of my 'genuinely wrong' consoles I can remove to replace with damage ones. Three of them don't get used too often, or don't contribute that much to my play style, so I think I can lose the Isometric Charge, the Theta Radiation Vents, and the Graviton Pulse consoles and still be considered an annoyance by my enemies. Will 3 damage bonus consoles allieviate your feelings of me doing it 'genuinely wrong'? I will admit, I am kinda curious how much of a boost these damage consoles will give me.
Last time i was playing each MkXI blue console adds approximately 6-8% overall dps, and they stack without diminishing returns.
Fill tac with tac is still my advice. And I know the defiant has more than 3 tac slots
Take it or leave it.

My new skill setup is as follows:
2x TT1, TS1, 2xAP:O1, 1xCRF3, 1xCSV2, 1xTHY2
That's much better, but I still say aoe dps is not as worthwhile as single target. In pvp, you aren't trying to damage many at once, you are trying to kill one as fast as possible. Unless you're spam clearing.

I've not had a chance to try it out in PvP yet, but it does seem to make my ship nigh on immortal in PvE. The only trouble I had surviving in PvE was being swamped by a fleet of ships in the No Win Scenario, and being targeted by the gate in ISE. Even the gate probably wouldn't have been too much of a problem had I been paying attention, but I don't yet have the keybinds set up that was suggested in a post linked to earlier on in this thread since I wanted to get a feel for my new build instead of just automating a load of it
I cannot describe in words just how huge the benefts of keybinding a few defensive cycle powers onto a key is. And that benefit is dwarfed by the benefit gained from using seperate fire keys for DHC's and the rest/spike. eg: you use cannons, turrets and torps, so if it was me, i would be using 3 fire keys, to best optimise your spike timing.
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