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Theres Really not much of a grind added.. I don't even do the Repuation boosting events and I have romulan marks and omega marks Burrying me. I do the Two daily events on rommie space on my 16 characters and if you know again.. what your Doing.. Using.. Intelligence and efficiency it goes quick.
the Tau dewa Tour you can sit on one Planet and kill the 5 waves of enemies for 20% at a time, Goes Real quick if you are setup right. I have more Omega Marks and BNP's coming out of eSTF's then I know what to do with. Hell at the average rate of 6-12 BNP's per Elite STF's One STF can grant me 960 dil + if I get the double BNP drop.. another 2000 dilithium.. thats near 3000 dilithium for one eSTF.. considering they used to just give 1440. Do the Hard missions on Nakura and Defara, hell also do them during the FLARK events and you make enough Flarks to cover decent upgrades real quick.
I have a full time Job and a soon to be 7 year old Son. While he is at a friends house playing or in no interest to hang out with dad I play the game. I consider my self to have a decently full plate. Kid during the Day and work overnight. As well as having 2 Active subs on Eve Online that I handle, 2 subs on Perpetuum Online, SWtor (not worth subbing to but fun at times) and STo running in TWO fleets. I still Get projects going and so does the fleeties. You need either to figure out how to organize your time and how you get stuff done or quit playing one of the Least Grinding Games out there in the MMO community. Considering You can get to end game within 3-4 days of simple Playing and hitting Mirror Events, If you maximize your dilithium Earnings and spending the game works for you, not you work for it. You Can Curse at other players or me all you want. But from the Majority of us who have Ran or still run small Fleets, to the Larger Fleets, You won't find much pitty, Especially since it keeps getting EASIER for the Casual Base.
Your one of the last people that needs to be cursed at, you bring up a valid point and your not insulting anyone.

I don't know i'm just frustrated with the lack of dev input on the small fleet situation, a plain "We hate you and your small fleet" would at least give us some closure.

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