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Originally Posted by snipe048 View Post
Your one of the last people that needs to be cursed at, you bring up a valid point and your not insulting anyone.

I don't know i'm just frustrated with the lack of dev input on the small fleet situation, a plain "We hate you and your small fleet" would at least give us some closure.
The thing is tho Sir, I understand your Frustrations, Honestly I do, I have been there. But, this Grind was not Hidden. Everyone Prior to Season 6 had the ability to TEST and VOICE there Concerns On Tribble Test Server. They Dev's believe it or not are decently Active on TTS. The Reason why The Dev's are not Voicing Oppinion on this is because it is not Hatred on small Fleets, But Ignorance By small Fleet Users. They have Stated Exactly how this would be well before it's release in multing Q&As. Again, Most of us are WAY ahead of the game. Tier 1 and 2 were going to be easily achievable by Small Fleets, Tiers 3-5 Were going to be harder. It was Blatantly Stated. Hell I had maybe 5 people Pushing both of my fleets, With me being the top donator amongst both Fleets. I ran the Knights That Said Ni and the Forsaken Reavers. the Knights that said Ni had maybe 5 Actives and we were a tier 3 Starbase, the Forsaken Reavers a KDF fleet was a Tier to soon to be 3 Fleet.

I did recently Can both fleets tho, Only because it ended up being a Two man fleet. At some point It either comes to recruit more, which I was having difficulty doing, or Put down the Limping Horse. To which I did. This did not have anything to do in respect to the starbases or reputation system, but due to the fact that it is not worth keeping a 2 man fleet open. I killed them and joined a friends Fleet. I am not saying this should be the action for everyone. But it was mine.

You Small Fleet Leaders just need to Calm down and remember, It is a Game in the end. You need to remember what you signed up for. Alot of people Left Larger fleets to create there own, or started the game and wanted to run there own fleets and build there own starbases. The Devs are not hating on you. You just need to understand This things are meant to go slow in small numbers. Just like in real life, small numbers can achieve Great things, but Large numbers Have the ability to do it quicker. You are building a Starbase, A massive space Structure. This should not go quick and easy. There are other games out there which players have to grind and wait months to get there skills up to even do this. The Grind in this game is not bad at all and very simple to be honest. Just RELAX and stop thinking things will be accomplished overnight. If you think the Grind is that bad, Maybe it's time to step away from STO for a little bit and try a few other games and then come back. We all Take our break periods to try out other things, If you truly like the game, you will stick to it.
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