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12-05-2012, 05:33 AM
Well, I'd say it depends largely on your playstyle.
Personally, I have been, am and will be a tank player. For me, cruisers are the weapon, I mean starship, of choice. It may take you longer to kill the bad guys, but you won't have to fear your own death. But that's just me. Someone who is a dps player at heart will surely say the exact same thing about flying around in an escort. And I have to say, the knowledge and experience of the player does much more in regard of survivability than the actual ship he is controlling.

I fully agree with the assessment, that you may walk (or fly) through your missions faster if you are in an escort (I am playing all classes on their corresponding ships), but, as stated above, it all depends on your playstyle. For me it is easier to broadside everything than to dogfight around, for "escort boys" the exact opposite may be true.

And I'd strongly discourage the common strategy of flying one sort of ship through leveling (just because it is faster) and then change to something completely different in the endgame (just because it is stronger). Staying with the same sort of ship with a single toon will improve your knowledge and expertise with this kind of build. A level 50 Engineer/Cruiser who did only escorts 'til he got his Ody most likely won't be the best of tanks (or dps, or anything). Except, of course, it is the players 27th toon or so.

About the Boff cooldowns...
Yes, it doesn't matter at all if you have your abilities on one, two or three Boffs, as soon as you trigger one, all the others will start a reduced cooldown. So yes, it is effective to get skills more than once (for the most part), but the statement "using the same ability on two Boffs gives you a shorter cooldown" is incorrect, both technically and empirically.