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Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
What is this Viewscreen you are talking about?

i do not have such a thing on my Bridge!

the icing on the cake:

i fly the Fleet Scourge and it doesn't let me change anything in the Ship Tailor either,
without me buying the Tier 4 C-Store Scourge or i get this error:

soo that Char/Ship is stuck with the Default Bridge forever and it does not even have a Viewscreen!

If they don't take the time to fix things like this (at least broken since Season 6, viewscreen maybe before that?) then why would you think that they invest time to hook up random animated pictures to so many Bridge-"Maps"

- that would require at least one picture for every sector/map your ship can be in (at least the major sectors).
- animated pictures are made up of 4 pictures, (think animated gif), so it would not look good either.
- it needs to be hooked up to every Bridge in the game (thats a lot of "Maps"), and the viewscreens have different sizes / forms, some even have different Pictures (because nobody ever thought to streamline the viewscreens in preperation for any upgrades to the game *duh*).
- and finally there needs to be code that lets the bridge-map know in what map the spaceship currently is to show the correct animated picture on the viewscreen...

so we need 1 texture guy (Thomas?) to make nice viewscreen pics of every sector
we need 1 Map artist (Taco?) to touch up the Bridge Viewscreens... on all 50 or so bridges (sounds boring)
and one Coder who supplies a bit of code with an extra "ship-location" variable that tells the interior what location the ship is in... plus a short list of all pictures and locations...
and if the locations is not known a default in-warp picture.

sounds to me like maybe 2-3 days of work for these 3 people.

do-able? yes... priority? none.

now if somebody could fix my viewscreen?
I don't even think they need to make a Animated screen for the players. I myself am rarely on the bridge so I couldn't care what is on a view screen. But the system already marks what areas of the game you are in hence when it puts you on the bridge and then drops you back where you last Where. What they could do is just make a default image for each sector and main hub. They do not have to do 50 Bridges because For the most part the bridges are all the same just with different colorings. What you can do is Make your images and just paste them into the Bridge maps Based upon the area you are in. If your at DS9 the map sends you to a DS9 visualed Map. Simple Cut and Paste of Bridge Designs and an adding of coding that Says if you leave to your bridge from X map, It pops you on X bridge with X visual on the screen. The only thing that has to be done is make the Images for each of the main Default Bridges for each designated Area and then Paste the made image to all the varients of that bridge pack.
For Example If you are at DS9 ( on station or in Orbit) and you goto the Bridge, you can just have a Picture of ds9 up on the Screen Like Games of the old, One stationary Image. Hell it's stationary Now, Just ad a image from where they are at. Again Only do it for the main hubs. If you are in Sector space, Just have Stars. If you are ESD have a picture of Earth or ESD itself, if at DS9 you see DS9, if at Qo'Nos you see Qo'nos. I think a Simple change will quiet the ones wanting to see a visual. With the factor that honestly there are not many different bridges out there, This can simply be Cut and Pasted into different packs to insert into the system.
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