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Originally Posted by neoakiraii View Post
They had to put s7 up first before they can get data from it, and change things according from there.
Originally Posted by atomictiki View Post
Strangely it seemed that the data was supporting the predictions of the Tribble testers (who were ignored).
This is the heart of it.

What, I think, Cryptic wants from Tribble is enough players to log on and play this content so they can collect data on it.

That's not how I've ever seen any test server work in any MMO without pretty significant rewards for doing so.

What you usually see are a small handful of dedicated players who are willing to test, and willing to provide feedback with the caveat that they expect their feedback to be listened to and to an extent responded to.

From Cryptic's viewpoint they might feel that small group of players is atypical and no representative of the larger playerbase.

From that group of player's viewpoint, they're investment in terms of playtime and study of the game gives them a fairly good ability to quickly and roughly gauge how something will end up just by eyeballing it.

Going forward, I would say that the best solution might be for the devs to give more creedence to the smaller group by trying to make better use of the feedback they provide even though it's mostly qualitative as opposed to the quantitative data they probably prefer. (And Borticus, ArchonCryptic, and Salami Inferno were active in several of the larger discussions so they deserve credit in this respect - although less came of the feedback than many players hoped for).

In addition to this, I think that in order to get larger quantities of players to deliver the kind of quantitative metrics Cryptic is hoping for would be to grant a pretty significant reward for playing on the test server.

My personal suggestion would be some number of time active on tribble (active meaning actually partaking in whatever new content or system is being tested and not simply logging on) equating to some number of dilithium.

Personally I think that if they could pull this off, that something like 4000 dilithium per hour on your holodeck account would be a good ballpark number.

It might seem like a lot until you consider that players are basically being asked to stop progress on their holodeck characters while they actively invest their freetime to playtest content on test.

I have a wife, a 1 year old baby a full time job that sometimes requires overtime and I have 10 active characters to maintain in this game.

As much as I'd love to playtest content the incentive to dedicate a large chunk of my free time by losing progress on holodeck to test content that I'm going to have to re-grind once it goes live is just not strong enough. A DOFF and a Tribble are insufficient for this purpose.

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