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Picard is 100% French. French people have British accents in Star Trek TNG.
No they don't (see piccards Brother for an example) also french people do not drink TEA they drink battery acid (decafinated coffee)

any change changes everything after it (second law of time)

There is no agreed upon set of rules there. Not in science and not in fiction.
there are a whole slew of laws of time
They are pretty much universal

Destiny is a force which renders stray impact from time travel largely irrelevant in Star Trek. By and large, history is unaffected by time travel in Star Trek and small changes have no consequences. There is no butterfly effect. Unlike the Bradbury story, stepping on a butterfly changes nothing.
sadly not true

You do NOT and should NOT obsess over details, the way most writers approach time travel.

There is proof that messing with time can cause chaos
See Guardian of forever for example

assuming he even survived the holocaust of the cadets

You're treating this like a real world. DON'T. Never try to map out what is plausible in your fiction, please. What happens if what the writers want to happen. Tuvok (who was born off world on a Vulcan colony, years after the event of the movie) will be born if the writers will it. There doesn't ever need to be any more logic than that.
And live his life as a breeding member of society
there is no logic in dying races taking risks

In the Mirror Universe, Vulcan was enslaved. And yet Spock was born. The entire Enterprise crew was born. On schedule. And Tuvok was born as well.
Enslaved is not the same as destroyed
10,000 vulcans is a barely viable population
it will be centuries before a vulcan life becomes expendable

The writers' will is all that matters on this kind of thing. If they want every TNG character to be born, all they have to do is write it happening. If they want none of them to be born, all they have to do is write it not happening. And it doesn't matter that much anyway because there are other universes like the Prime Universe where the TNG crew exists. So what's wrong with wiping out Vulcan or Picard's ancestor or Worf's ancestor in one timeline?
because its fatal to the franchise

less people exist in his timeline
especially as an entire generation of starfleet cadets died on mass

And if they conveniently didn't include any ancestors of TNG characters? So what.
But it DOES
for example there is now no possible Wesley (some people may be pleased) because his family have been in the fleet for generations

but if you take out the source the river dries up

And if the writers want, maybe Starfleet works with Spock Prime to identify and clone everyone who died to keep the timeline on track.
and the clones then eat everyone?
(Cloning produces damaged copies)

There will be no locutus

Locutus doesn't even have to be Picard, not that Picard is in danger. And they could always have an alternate Picard turn up, join Starfleet, and become Locutus. What happens is whatever the writers tell us happens.
What writers ?
JJ doesn't allow Writers
only special effects people

changes in timeline are Already negative
they must logically become more so

Causality should not be for the audience to determine. What happens, again, is whatever the writers say happens.
Writers are not God

Do you have a reason for this aside from reading a lot of science fiction that pushes this idea?
I have lived a long life and realise that the cosmos is basically evil/negative and that all changes make it worse

Because, really, what would be wrong with the opposite, the idea that time always turns out BETTER if good people mess with it?
Good always loses because Good thinks its ment to win
actually "good" people tend to do most harm
Example Mc Coy saves Edith and billions die
This is not quantum leap
you do not mess with time
That's how it works in Back to the Future, really.
ah you mean where peoples lives are ruined so a feckless kid can live a better life?

Marty's parents wind up happier because Marty altered history. So does Doc Brown.
And other people Don't
theres always a loser

Implying time travel is wrong and must lead to bad things is a morality call and people don't have to share your morality
no they don't

But ok an example
Suppose I go back in time right now (in my Wells time ship)
And slap a Tri-cobalt torpedo into the home world of Species 1 (ancestors of the Borg) while they are in the stone age??

Suppose I go back and blow up the manhatten project on earth?

Suppose I go back and Shoot Dead King Xerxes

The outcomes are uncertain

but for definate the borg will never exist (and the undine will conquer the delta quadrant possibly)

world war two will still end (slighty earlier ) but the world will not live in nuclear terror

And of course the entire planet now speaks Greek and lives in democratic city states

OR everyone dies

is it worth the bet?