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08-11-2009, 04:59 PM
Originally Posted by LtPowers View Post
I agree in general, although I think this particular Q&A had some good info in it. But right now this game isn't seeming very much like Star Trek.

Right now, I'm seeing gameplay as "pick a ship and a crew loadout, go out and take some missions, blow stuff up real good, and then come back to base." Yawn.

Where's the exploration? Do we really only have one beam-down point even when we're not on a mission? Where's the crew interaction? The episodes and movies are all about crew members working together to solve a problem. Here it's just you and your pets, unless you team up with some other captains for combat. Where are the non-violent solutions to problems?

You can't even explore your own dang ship, for heaven's sake. There's no after-hours raktajino in Ten-Forward, no classical music recitals, no gazing out the window in the conference lounge, no fencing in the gymnasium, no pets waiting for you in your quarters. (But hey, at least you can put racing stripes on your ship, right?)

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I can just agrie!.
I just posted new thread about non combat content that - in my opinion - should the bigest part of game content. The keep updating us about fight and ... err fight again. But most of the star trek plot lines it's characters lived was about exploration, about their ships from INSIDE, about missions that very mysterious and interesting... And there is still no word about this king of content?

I wonder how will i play my way int the world? what tools i will have to determine wether the borg dron in my bay can be ceased with nano probes that we yet have to develop and design and how i will decide if the prime minister of this strange planet is lying about death of their president or not.

And yes i want to play sto because it's about universe where gazing to the star stars from my captain quoters is maybe minor part of the world, but this part what we envy to every captain while watching that series. Dont you you agree folks?