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I've read the above posts but I am not in total agreement. And isn't that what Star Trek really was getting at?

I always get the impression there are many stories in the ST Universe (role playing in the game allows for this). TOS was one story about one Exploration Ship on a five year mission. But that doesn't mean it had to be a rigid template for the story of every ship and crew in every sector of space. TOS was flavored with conflict with Roms and Klingons and awkward first contacts.

Star Trek's story was never about machines, hardware etc like the clueless Studio Corporate Execs thought it should have been. It was character driven, tackling issues that normally would not get aired on TV, but Sci Fiction allowed social commentary to be explored, to question our prejudices, our hates. To debate where is the balance of individualism vs collectivism. "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations"

The crew showed us the Stodgy rules of Star Fleet could be bent as we considered the context of every new encounter in a grand, diverse universe. As the crew grew and developed, we did likewise as our perspectives broadened.

The options in the game for role playing are still developing, as they do for any game. The best thing people can do is express what story they want to explore with their toons and Bridge Crew and communicate that to the developers. Some times a development will be a hit like TOS or ST:TWoK, or it could be a dud like ST V:The Final Frontier.

Exuberant joy and incredible disappointment both have been a part of ST over 6 decades, but one thing remains constant: Hope that things will get better.

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