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12-05-2012, 06:47 AM
Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post if u think u can kill my ship pm me in game. 6your fleet and sob is the MOST nubbish fleet in game. and trip if you think you can take me then try it. your fleet is so bad you got tacts in escourts with sub nuke doffs. fully speced out gp consoles. really dude check yourself. i fly clean unlike ur lame fleet. since you want to call me out again bring it or or gtfu

I have killed you before. You know that I am fully capable of putting you in a bad position. I don't need a console to defeat you and I cant even afford a subnuke doff. Also S.O.B. has/had some the best players in this game. good people. You don't have to agree with how either of us run our teams. If you go boom then we've done something right. Can I be killed by you? Sure. You are a good player. Your problem is not your skill. Your problem is your attitude.

side edit fleets i respect, turk rp heros, pandas, tsi even tho i hate when they use broken crap since they are better then that. lag fleet and a few others. reason? they run clean in ques.

Who you respect is irrelevant to the topic of me calling you out in my post. You have directed disrespectful posts at me personally while not playing this game, my fleet, and other players. If you think that is okay then you are dead wrong. So I'm calling you out since you seem to go out of your way to bring the name 7th Core or Nova Core into everything you don't like about this game. You don't expect me to seriously ignore your insults do you? There are no "clean" fleets in this game. And who are you to tell me or any other player what is appropriate to run on any ship when you didn't pay for it? The state of this game is not the players fault. It is Cryptic's fault. You would do good to remember who is actually in the wrong here. The problem is not your opinion but once again your attitude.

nova core "hey lets use ams gp and sub nuke doffs like hard core nub pros."

What is not fun to you may be fun for someone else. Did you ever consider other people don't take pvp as seriously as it seems you do? What people put on their ship for fun in this game is not for you or anyone else to decide. Unless it is a private match where rules are agreed on beforehand or a tournament you have no right to dictate what is appropriate or innapropriate to be used in the public queues.

nuff said dude. so anytime you want a 1v1 bring it. if u want me on a defiant then ask because im in a bug atm. and i do hope ur not going to bring p2w consoles either.
Absoultely. I consider the bug ship to be overpowered in comparison to the defiant. But you know it might be fun to fight your bug in my defiant. Let's see what happens.

Let no other player discourage you from what you believe you can achieve in PvP. Though you may walk alone through looming shadows of doubt cast upon you by your enemies. Forge your heart with iron casting its shape out of only your pure will to push forward. You will not be denied eventually.

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