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i would really wish that some day we get either some new engineering abilities for the ensign slot or new ones and some old may be lowered to ensign. Why? Because we have 2 to 3 engineer ensign abilities on cruisers while we have 2 ensign engineer powers (engi team and eptx) and if you are a tank cruiser u want to use 2 tac teams.. so ensign engi team falls under the table... and if u also got epts3 then the ensign slot gets pretty useless, because one slot (if u have 3) would be completly free and the two others would have for example eptw1.. and its a pain in the *** to keep 2x epts3 and 2x eptw running all the time.

As for excisting ones u could lower rotate shield polarity to ensign.. since no one uses the second and third rank of it right now. May also some other abilities.

And as a new ensign ability u could add a threat generating power or an crew revcovery ability.
I agree with the need for additional ensign engineering powers that don't share cooldowns with engineering team and other teams and the emergency powers to X abilities for all the reasons mentioned. To add to that if you look at both tactical and sci catagories both have more ensign skills available than engineering and in most cases they don't share cooldowns and even when they do it's only with 1 other skill of the same type such as high yield torpedo and torpedo spread (One could still use both alternating them). With engineering not only are there less skills to choose from 4 of those skills all share the same cooldown and just like with other skills that share cooldown your pretty much limited to at most 2 of them being used as that's the most you can keep running at any given time.

So as was said above engineers really are at a disadvantage when we have multiple ensign engineering slots to fill. Furthermore this issue since the introduction of Doff's is now even more apparent as with running the right combination of Doff's one can use a single copy of epts and eptw and have over 90% uptime on both and if like me you run epts3 and eptw2 then the ensign slots become pretty much worthless. Any other eptX ability would pretty much be an out of combat ability as during combat I'm constantly cycling eptw2 and epts3 and have no use for the other 2 and out of combat the other 2 abilities aren't really necessary. Engineering team suffers same issue as during combat it's not likely to get used since I'm running tactical team and don't want it to be on cooldown from using engineering team and with eng team and eptX abilities the only choices for ensign engineers the slot is basically useless depending on build. Sure some builds may be able to use the slot if they are running an eptX 1 ability but at most that's 2 ensign slots taken up if they are running 2 copies to cycle due to lack of the necessary Doff combination to allow 1 copy leaving the 3rd ensign engineering slot that a number of cruisers have useless.

Addition of new abilities and or restructuring of engineering skills is something that really needs to happen. I personally would like to see some damage dealing or damage increasing abilities added to the engineering skills at ensign lvl. I don't think adding more survival skills at ensign lvl would be a good idea as even ships such as science and escorts would have access to them and escorts in particular have way to much suvivability as it is, but adding damage boosting skills would allow cruisers to boost there damage and should a science ship or escort want to they could boost there damage as well, but since they have limited numbers of engineering slots they'd have to make a tough choice of either boosting damage or having increased survivabilty from epts or engineering team.