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Just for thought, I would like to point out that it seems people may be overlooking (or I may be incorrect) that one of the largest variables that changes the new universe is that Kirk takes over the Enterprise EARLIER than he was supposed to. If you remember the original series, Spock is supposed to be on the ship with Pike, but Kirk is serving on some other ship during this time, learning to be the leader that he would eventually become. What really changes is that he gets the Enterprise WAY early, which means a lot of the growth that the original crew would have had without him hasn't happened. Also, his experiences on another series of starships gets completely shoved under the rug so that he can have those experiences on the Enterprise now.

So, I would think that a lot of his actions we're going to see in the subsequent films are going to be a of a brash, undisciplined Kirk who has a lot to learn yet.

I'm actually eager to see where they go with this series, and I REALLY hope that they understand there are a lot of Trekkies who WANT a storyline that follows logic and doesn't just throw in action for the sake of action, meanwhile destroying the continuity of the set universe, even if it's developing as we go along.
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