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Originally Posted by dantrainor View Post
No, I mean playing with integrity in the spirit of competition. It should be self evident why some of these console powers are frowned upon.
Honestly there is just so much whining on forums these days that I would not take anything seriously. If I refuse to use certain tactics/consoles it is because of my personal experience fighting against them or because of trusted sources that advice against it.
To a new player I can only say, play and see for yourself. In the end it is only a game and there is not even any ranking. You have to decide for yourself what you want to use.

Originally Posted by dantrainor View Post
I cannot describe in words just how huge the benefts of keybinding a few defensive cycle powers onto a key is. And that benefit is dwarfed by the benefit gained from using seperate fire keys for DHC's and the rest/spike. eg: you use cannons, turrets and torps, so if it was me, i would be using 3 fire keys, to best optimise your spike timing.
I would keybind EPtS. That way you will always have it running and nobody will catch you off guard.You could also throw TT in there but that prevents you from using it on a teammate, so it's not optimal.
As for weapons, don't bother to micro them. Just put everything on autofire. Only the torps are worth firing manually. And even there it is questionable how good you can time your torps to hit the hull. It's not so easy to predict when someones shield is going to fail. I would fire them manually but even autofire might work for them.
Cannons and turrets... just use autofire.