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12-05-2012, 07:58 AM
Without going into full details of my build. A good combo I find for my cruiser is tac team, atk pattern beta 1, and Beam FAW 3. I'm an engineer in the Assault cruiser refit (though not same ship the aforementioned combination is still viable in the Oddysey. I also due to the extra ensign tac slot run a torpedo spread and with the use of the Con Officer dof that reduces tac team cooldown and adds a boost to atk patterns when tac team is used I'm able to really put out some hurt using tac team APB and Beam FAW3 combo then Launching a spread of quantums into my targets/target. Though escorts can do higher burst damage than me over the course of an STF or any other pve mission and in a high number of the pvp matches I've done I average higher dps than 70% of escorts. In pve (Elite infected since it's the easiest to parse) I average 6.5k dps while most escorts average 5k or less with the occasional exception that can do 6 to 7k dps.