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I don't Farm my son out LOL. Sadly at 7 tho he has already told me I crowd him to much Love my kid to death, Before him I spent most of my cash on Computer tech or other toys. Now I have actually learned how to save my cash and spend most of it on him now (which is how it should be) But before he started Kindergarten he loved spending time with me, now it's his friends already. Honestly I like it that way because he is not like me sitting infront of the PC all the time or a TV as some parents let happen. The kids he hangs out with are not console dwellers either thankfully so he is actually out running around. But back on topic.
Ah, they grow up so fast, lol.

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The Problem is, the systems that you all started to build were Blantly put out infront of you. The problem with them Scalling the requirements to the size of the fleet is then all Fleets are leveling Fairly and Equally. A small Fleet should not be building at the same size as a Large Fleet. Because then The Fleetism (My form for STO racism) is reversed. Now you are punishing Large fleets for Succeeding. This is not fair as well.
My scaling system reflects this. You wouldn't be punishing larger fleets because each member would be contributing less, yet getting better rewards. For example, take 2 fleets, one of 50 players, one of 5. At the moment, the fleet with 5 players is having to contribute 10x the amount of resources per person as the fleet with 50 players. The result is, those 5 players have piles and piles of unusable fleet credits, whereas the 50 players probably have slightly too few fleet credits for what they want (hence the reason for the 'bonus' missions in the fleet project list, specifically designed to help a larger fleet generate fleet credits while giving a worthless boost to your starbase xp).

With a scaling system, I'm not asking for an exact scale or anything. Maybe a 20% scale, so the smaller fleet is still having to contribute more per person (approximately double), yet they are still progressing at a reasonable pace, where the larger fleets would still contribute the same resources as they always have, yet get a greater return on fleet credits. This will still funnel most players into large fleets, which is what Cryptic seem to want, but will still leave smaller fleets as a viable option for those who don't want to join a large fleet.

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What Cryptic did was build a system and Place it for everyone to Weigh in on prior to release. They have been making changes to the system based on player feed back. Perfect Example as I have stated was the Fking rediculous needs for the bartender (Honestly The cost for that idiot and what he gives is pure stupidity, I get better goods at the Captains Table). No matter what changes they do to the starbase system it has to remain Fair to the overall base of players. Going by how many players actually get on the forums and complain, this is a few people. If more logged onto the forums and voice there oppinion Cryptic Would listen more. If only a few call unfairness, but the majority stay quiet just like in real life, nothing Gets done quickly. Most of the forums Posters are well aware of who each other is, that is how small of the complaint base that actually goes out there is.

The starbase ALSO is designed to be a LONG TERM goal. Not a short term Goal like the reputation system. That can be finished in 2 maybe 2 1/2 months. I know I am in tier 3 and it's barely been alive. Once the Rep systems are done everybody will be flooding the bases again then people will be complaining (again) that they never have opportunities to donate anything to the Tabs.
A long term goal, yes, but not an unreachable goal. If you have a small fleet of casual friends contributing what the can when they can, it could possibly take a month or two to do a single project (using tier 2 as an example as that is what we are working on currently). At that kind of timescale, suddenly building a starbase takes longer than the Enterprise's original (5-year) mission. Even if a larger fleet is expected to take 2 and a half years, would you really want to deny the smaller fleets access to all of the top notch gear that the larger fleets can now buy for the extra two and a half years it would take them to catch up? Given how much focus a lot of MMO players put on gear advancement, this will probably end up either destroying smaller fleets outright, or driving their players from the game as they can simply no longer compete with their better equipped counterparts from the larger fleets.

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Rule #1 of a MMO - The Forum Player base is NEVER happy.
Rule #2 is based off Rule #1: If they are, Give it a day they will find something to complain about.
Rule #3 No matter what you do to improve one players life it will easily piss off 10 others.

This is easily Verifiable (the numbers might not be fully correct.. ) to check out the results of Every Patch, Hell look at Tribble Notes. You will have people Thanking the Dev for one thing AND in the next post People ******** about What is not Fixed yet. The Devs are human, they can only do so much. They have lives Also, either playing the game, OR there Families that You Players complain about not seeing due to the Grind. Well there time is Grinded on Fixing Stuff, they need breaks to. ( I know I am a heretic for thinking like this)
Your 3 rules are spot on. An excellent example for your last paragraph is S7's Dilithium changes, Dev Blog #22 (I think it is, maybe 23 or 21), and the forum goer's reaction to that.

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