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12-05-2012, 08:24 AM
I can't help noticing that there's a lot of players who belong to giant fleets and think everybody else should do.

I'm in a small fleet. I like being in a small fleet. We have about 10 members who are heavily active and there's some variation of a Skype session almost every night. We just started our Tier 3 fabricator, so I think we're doing awfully well for our size (largely due to one member who I think is a STO-playing cyborg, but anyway). My fleet has almost no KDF presence so I ended up signing on to a mega-fleet there. They were already solidly into tier 4, and projects would have all their materials supplied literally within minutes of becoming available. It was a bit of a culture shock.

My confusion here, is why large fleets "deserve" to be so far ahead? If it's a question of effort, shouldn't individual effort be what matters? I mean, 10 guys really cranking on the starbase should be at the same level as 200 people who are really cranking on their starbase. Yeah, there's more drama in a big fleet, but drama is a BAD thing. We don't have drama. Everything runs smoothly. Shouldn't that mean we deserve to be further ahead because we are a better team??

I don't get it. Cryptic may want players to be in fleets for the social retention value, but I don't see how fleet SIZE figures into that. In the mega-fleet I casually signed up to, I don't know a single player. Nobody cares about me. I got a casual "Welcome" and not one person has spoken to me since then. Where's the social retention? Versus my micro-fleeties who will generally welcome me by name shortly after I log in, actively inquire if I'm available to run team activities, ask for opinions or help, share game stories and links...

My point is that my micro-fleet has vastly more grip on me when it comes to getting me to keep playing, and yet we're expected to run waaaay behind the curve because we haven't got 200 members. It feels like we're being punished. And the reward for our hard grinding? We get to grind MORE so that we can actually buy something from the base store. Yay. We're only into tier 3 and we're already kind of losing enthusiasm for the starbase because it just takes too freaking long.

Cue troll reply by a "You're impatient and a weakling" player who hails from a mega-fleet in 3...2...